Interporto Abruzzo
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Interporto of Abruzzo, Green Transport Solution, strategic position, Interporto Val Pescara spa, Intermodale srl

Accessibility statement

This site was built with the aim of fulfilling all the requirements for accessibility

The site is compliant with the WAI-AA accessibility standards in the graphics and WAI-AAA standards in the high-contrast version as explained in this accessibility statement.

The features which make this site accessible to the highest possible levels are outlined below.

Bobby AAA Approved!
Each page of this site has been examined with Bobby 5.0 with the results that the site is Bobby AAA Approved! This does not mean that the site accessibility is in accordance with the WAI-AAA level, because Bobby can not run the checks which require human intervention.
Link to the site of Bobby approval

HTMLValid, CSS Valid
All of the pages contained in this site are produced using the ComuniChiamo CMS developed by Alias for accessible websites and are compliant with W3C specifications both for the HTML and the CSS codes.
Each page has been checked with W3C validators and every page is HTML and CSS Valid.

Link to W3C validator
Link to ComuniChiamo website

CSS based layout
The layout of the site and the internal layout of each page is obtained using a CSS based layout rather than the use of tables.
In the " high contrast text " version the texts are proportional, and this allows any user to enlarge or reduce the text of the page as desired.

Modifiable layout

Due to the fact that the graphic layout of the site is managed by CSS, you can "redesign" each page to change the look of the site while leaving the page contents untouched.

Check with screen readers and use of Accesskey

In order to check the accessibility of the site for the visually impaired, we used the JAWS screen reader.
The navigation of the site is simplified through the use of access keys (ACCESSKEY) which allow you to skim through the navigation menu or go directly to the Site Map.
Link to the site Freedom Scientific, developer of JAWS screen reader
Link to the site of the producer of JAWS

Tests with browsers
Using the ComuniChiamo platform, the portal of INTERPORTO ABRUZZO has been created for navigation with various types of browsers, including text browsers. Here is the complete list of browsers tested: Mozilla 1.0 and later versions using OS Linux, Mac and Windows; Firefox 0.8 using OS Linux, Mac and Windows; Netscape from 6.0 to 7.1 OS Linux and Windows; Opera 7.0 and later versions using OS Windows and Symbian OS; Lynx 2-8-5 using OS Linux, Ms-Dos, Windows; Safari 1.0 and later versions using MacOs X; IExplorer 5.0 and later versions using OS Windows and Windows CE; Konqueror 3 and later versions using OS Linux; Galeon 1.0 and later versions using OS Linux.

Accessibility is a process

We have endeavoured to provide a highly accessible site but it is possible that one or more pages of this are inaccessible to some users.
If this is the case we would like to apologize and ask you to report the irregularities. Thank you.
Report irregularity

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