Interporto Abruzzo
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Interporto of Abruzzo, Green Transport Solution, strategic position, Interporto Val Pescara spa, Intermodale srl

The business units

The specialisation of roles

Inside the Interporto of Abruzzo there are two companies, each of which has the expertise to focus on a specific core business area.
Interporto Val Pescara SpA
Operations Management
The company of Interporto Val Pescara which was formed for the creation of the project deals with the management of the rail terminal, dealing specifically with the logistical processes in the last mile of rail.
Interporto Val Pescara SpA
Intermodale srl
Technical management
The newly formed company Intermodale srl deals with managing the construction works which will complete the infrastructure. Moreover, this company will manage both the projects which have public funding as well as projects which are about to be funded using project financing which will derive from Docup and private bodies.
Intermodale srl
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