Interporto Abruzzo
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Interporto of Abruzzo, Green Transport Solution, strategic position, Interporto Val Pescara spa, Intermodale srl

Strategic position

A platform at the service of a macro region

The Interporto of Abruzzo with a total area of 960,000 square metres, is located in the urban district of Chieti-Pescara. This area is the main centre of trade and marketing in the region due to the fact that it is found on the intersection of the two major distribution networks which run north-south and east-west.
The choice of location
The choice of location determines the probability of success of the freight terminal. This location was selected because of its close proximity to the motorway which allows for links with the rail network, as well as the fact that it is close to the airport and the port of Ortona. However, primarily it was selected for its central position in an area with a high concentration of productivity. The link with the local production systems is the driving force behind the development of the logistical platform.
The choice of location
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