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Ecosustainable development

The slogan - 'Green Transport solution' - is the spirit that animates the Interporto of Abruzzo. The modal shift and the decongestion of roads using environmentally friendly transportation systems is achieved in two ways. The first is achieved in medium to long distance routes by altering the modality from road only to combined rail and road, using combined transport systems. The second works to rationalise urban distribution by using environmentally friendly vehicles.
As well as representing a system which is both efficient and effective in terms of saving costs and the level of services provided, gas emissions and noise levels will be reduced, as will the congestion of urban and extra-urban roads.
In Europe, following the production of electricity, road transport is the second leading cause of gas emissions which are contributing to the greenhouse effect, and despite a decline in the GDP, this trend is constantly rising. Despite recent technological advances which have contributed to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emission of toxic waste into the atmosphere, the transport sector remains one of the main factors of environmental pollution and emission of carbon dioxide due to the increasing number of vehicles in circulation.

The "Rail treatment"
The most available and immediate solution has been defined as the “rail treatment”, which signifies the implementation of the transition from road-only to road-rail mode for a substantial part of freight traffic.
The "Rail treatment"
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